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Flight Time Limitations


!!! FRIENDLY WARNING - This app does not include the latest EU-FTL rules applicable from February 2016 !!!An update should come along real soon.Thank you for your understanding!---
This application allows you to quickly calculate your maximum duty period, based on EU-OPS 1, Subpart Q.
It is the full version which will let you choose from all advanced options such as split duty, augmented crews, captain’s discretion and stand-by before duty.
It also calculates the minimum rest that you should have before starting a new duty, along with the associated option (homebase or outstation)!
It now includes an improved graphical user interface.
Please, send me an email should you experience any trouble in the calculation or with the interface itself.
Any additional functionnalities will be added upon request and feasability!
If you want to try the free version, go and check out the Flight Time Limitations LITE from the same author.
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And have safe flights!